While some social media is popular, not every platform is the best for every company. Typically, it’s best to imagine the users of each type of social media to determine what your presence may do for your business. Another factor is that not all social media should be used for simply promoting your product or service. It is also a strong method to solicit new employees or to promote social causes that your company may be connected with as well. All marketing promotion should promote your brand, product or service, and any current initiatives you want to be known. Much like a press release is an announcement to the public about something specific your business or personnel are involved in, social media can act like a free outlet to promote the same.

There are essentially less than 10 platforms that are used internationally with widespread exposure, and in most cases less than that in your regional and local markets. The challenge to most companies is to determine when to catch a wave of the next trending platform while ad rates are competitive and the audience is likely to notice your ad much easier.

These are the most common platforms and their likely benefit if you use the platform to promote your company or products and services.

    • ¬†FACEBOOK
      • If your company offers retail consumer products or services, this is a good platform to use for your business promotion.
      • Like Facebook, this platform is a good place to target individual retail consumers. It is a powerful visual tool to capture their attention quickly with interesting imagery that evokes interaction with the viewer.
      • While it isn’t necessarily a great platform for paid advertisement, consistent posting about your company or products and services may aide in promoting your brand. However, this platform trends better for information tweets about your company’s policy updates, press releases, or to engage in dialog directly with consumers.
      • Reaching a more prevalent female demographic, having a presence with quality images which are topical in nature is a good strategy for branding. Using the keyword combinations to join a Pinterest trend is a great way to bring attention to your brand, product, service or company.
      • The most widely used video based platform is a great way to showcase product videos, human interest videos related to your product, instructional or tutorial videos, or any type of video that will undergird your brand, purpose, vision, product, service or company. Having a video go viral is a tremendous method of gaining brand or product awareness.
    • TIKTOK
      • Although still new in the minds of many consumers, this platform is a favorite among young and old consumers. The goal is to provide entertaining content in1 minute or less length of video media. Using relevant hashtags to the video content and even including any trending hashtag that may help spread the video’s audience reach is a great way to help promote your message.
“The challenge to most companies is to determine when to catch a wave of the next trending platform…”
      • While paid advertisement on Facebook for wholesale type products may not gain a lot of specifically targeted results, having a company Facebook Page is critical. The non-sales related content should be showcased on your Facebook page. Hiring employees, press release type content, launching a new brand or product, social causes the company is engaged in, etc.
      • Video is a powerful media to leverage for getting awareness of your company, brand, product or service. Many in the business world, especially purchasing directors or senior level management of potential clients will not take the time to read pages of paragraphs of words, but will set aside 3-5 minutes to absorb a comprehensive video. Additionally, having a playlist of after sales support videos or tutorials is critical for any business wanting to maintain customer retention.
      • LinkedIn is the platform of professionals who share their vocational knowledge through posts as well as network with other business people. It’s the FACEBOOK of the business world where its users are more likely to focus on business related posts and promotion that affects their professional life.

While this is not a comprehensive and all-inclusive list of potential social platforms for your company, it is an overview of those which are popular and likely to provide some exposure for you. The value of each social channel is going to be predicated on the type of posts you provide, how frequently, the engagement of viewers of the post, and relevance of the content to those viewing. There are a lot of analytic tools to determine how well your posts are performing and it is very important that a specific strategy for each channel be used to gain the best possible responses.

If you would like to discuss a specific strategy for your company, please contact us to schedule a free initial consultation.




With the impending shift to 5G nationwide in the coming 12 months, bandwidth for mobile users will become a non-issue. High speed bandwidth at a business or home wifi is already fast enough to help users view video content without lag, so if your digital marketing strategy is not including relevant video content, you’re going to miss out on many potential customers.

“Video equipment is not always a required capital investment…”

There are varying degrees of video content that can be effective in marketing. The first being pre-recorded / edited video content that can be used over time and referenced by your customers on various platforms. YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, etc. all have the ability to showcase your video content. In fact, uploading that content to multiple platforms is highly recommended to ensure you’re not missing a key demographic with your message.

The second effective way to use video is through LIVE STREAMING. Again, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc. all have the feature to allow users to broadcast a live video feed. These are incredibly helpful when holding a public event, a seminar or instructional tutorial, a customer service interaction, etc. Live video allows users to comment in real time which can be very helpful if you’re trying to engage them to become loyal to your brand or company.

Video equipment is not always a required capital investment considering the quality of High Definition video that comes from a smart phone. However, video editing and audio editing can truly affect the quality and professionalism your video content can achieve to a viewer. Sometimes a selfie-posed video with a smart phone is perfect for the content intentions. Other times, having a preplanned and scripted video may be more appropriate. It’s not always a major expense if outsourcing video production is possible in your area. The advancement of digital editing software can make ok footage look highly professional with so many plugins and techniques to improve the overall composition qualities like color grading and white balance, etc.

Instead of simply ignoring the most effective marketing tool to come around in decades, why not experiment with posting more video content on your digital platforms.



It wasn’t so long ago that using local radio as a primary advertising platform would yield amazing results. In fact, the ad rates per minute would certainly reflect the station’s listener base at various times of the day and night. The problem nowadays is that local radio has become somewhat of a lost art. Due to a serious drop in ad revenue, many station owners have had to consolidate or discontinue having on-air staff altogether. No longer are there very many local live reads or breaks where the listener can connect with the DJ about local news or events. Many stations have chosen to rather use a repeater format and simply syndicate a radio show that operates from a central headquarter station and becomes the live voice on air in cities across a region or even many states. Add to this the trend of pac-man like takeover consolidation¬†and there ends up being almost no chance a local listener base is familiar with the on-air personalities that used to encourage listeners to visit their local business.

On the other hand, these consolidated stations are not losing the ability to air local ads. After all, it’s just another MP3 format file to stick in a time slot and a simple station engineer can program that right into the feed for the day’s programming.

So the real question is whether your target listener is still listening to FM or AM radio or has the majority of the market gone to streaming or satellite where it is commercial free?

Well, here’s the reality. Many markets are still remote enough to have a local on-air presence and local listeners who use their vehicle drive time or in-office overhead music playing local radio. These are areas where younger listeners like Gen Y are not necessarily your target demographic. Knowing your audience age demographic will largely dictate if radio in your area is a good idea. Knowing if your local radio station lineup is truly local is also very helpful. Strictly speaking, when comparing ROI opportunities on a radio campaign versus other forms of advertising, it is important to understand that the messaging of the commercial should have a call to action in order to measure effectiveness. A simple branding commercial is great, but one that includes a CTA is even better.

A CTA should include some method for the listener to identify they heard your commercial. Whether it’s a contest, discount offer, registration for an event, or some other activity, it will be crucial for your budget to determine if your message is being heard. Most radio stations now maintain a social media presence where they offer to tie in your commercial CTA with their social page as well. It’s sort of a 2 for 1 promotional boost. It also provides the station with a clearinghouse to gain more followers for their own benefit but also a way for them to help you measure listener count and CTA results.

What’s never stopped being important is the quality of the 30 or 60 second spot you have produced. Like anything in advertising, you have to grab the attention of someone who may otherwise be tuning out. Some of our personal favorite Superbowl ads are those which make us smile or laugh or even invoke emotion. Radio commercials are a great way to engage your listener with an emotional connection to your message. Even the car dealers who are screaming for you to come visit and have an annoying voice are some that you just can’t forget because of how annoying it is. Whatever the method, having it well produced and possibly include familiar voiceover people or music or something relatable to the listener can be an effective way to guarantee ROI.

Before you rely on some in-house talent to quickly do a vocal read with smooth jazz music underneath, consider having a creative team like here at Day 6 Agency produce a memorable spot for you.