Day 6 Agency’s Marketing Consulting advises the philosophy and strategy behind reaching your marketplace with innovative and cost effective marketing solutions.

While Day 6 Agency produces many marketing tools as well, we also offer just marketing consulting. We recommend strategies and offer our services to fulfill them… or the client may choose to have others enact the plan. Our rates are calculated based on hourly minimums ranging from $40-$125 / hour or based on a total project budget.


Day 6 Agency - Market Research


Providing a written report focused on KPI data relevant to the client’s business. This document may include specific strategies to implement for the goal of growth for the client. Many results may indicate internal changes required or new marketing approaches to undertake.

  • SWOT analysis

  • Product pricing and comparison research

  • Competitor research

  • Geographic research

  • Survey research

  • Demographic research

  • Industry trends research

  • Focus groups

  • Internal marketing audit research

    • sales revenue, seasonal trends, top products / services, quality control data, warranty statistics, etc.
  • Brand awareness research

  • Customer feedback reports

Day 6 Agency - Marketing Plan Development


The creation of a written plan which may be used by a startup, existing business, or for companies undergoing capital investment. The creation of a PITCH DECK or other formatted presentation is part of this service.

  • New business startup

  • Potential investors / banks

  • New product or brand launch

  • Company Growth Strategy


1.) Reliabull® Trailer Products was founded from the research conducted with Reliable Production Machine and Welding, the manufacturer of the parts sold through Reliabull® either through retail stores or through it’s online site. The creation of a new division to serve the retail public with commonly purchased trailer parts was proven through carefully developed marketing data from multiple sources and Day 6 reports.
2.) Celebrity life coach, Jamel Davenport, sought Day 6 Agency to help refine his brand and method of reaching more clients worldwide. A concrete marketing plan was delivered and assisted in his revamped website and social media platforms as well as the advent of new content ideas he uses on his various digital outlets.

Day 6 Agency - Media Buy Management


Knowing where to invest in advertising channels is often part of a larger strategy in a marketing plan. The biggest question will always be what is the best ROI according to your specific goal. Some ads are short term focused and others are more long term branding. Day 6 Agency will manage a media buy along with a specific campaign to ensure your goals are cohesively achieved among all platforms being used.

  • TV (OTA/OTT)

  • Radio (OTA/OTT)

  • Billboard

  • Direct Mail

  • Signage

  • Movie Theater Ads

  • Bus Wraps

  • Public Bench

  • Digital Ads

Day 6 Agency - Branding Strategies


Branding is a specific aspect of marketing that has both short and long term impact on a client’s marketing plans. Branding is not just the visual aspect of a business, but includes how all aspects of the consumer experience with a company is perceived. Messaging, customer service, product performance, price value, social good participation, and how the company responds to crises as they may arise is all part of brand management.

  • Logo Imaging

  • Slogan or Moniker

  • Marketing Asset Visibility and Usage

  • Independent Quality Assessments

  • Digital Rating Surveys

  • Customer Feedback Reports

  • Co-Branding Opportunities

Day 6 Agency - New Product Marketing


When a client is planning to launch a new product, service, division, or feature, there is a need to develop a specific strategy as it pertains to existing products or services. The marketing blueprint to support this new launch is a service Day 6 Agency provides it’s clients.

  • Rebranding

  • Packaging

  • Internal / Customer Training

  • Ad Campaigns

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Key Feature Benefit Messaging

  • Short / Long Term Budgeting

  • Industry P.R.

Day 6 Agency - Content Development


With the increase of social media use in marketing, many clients are managing their content output but may run dry for ideas. Day 6 Agency has a long history of managing social media for marketing purposes and a baseline of content to work into a marketing strategy, no matter the client industry or product or service.

  • Social Media Content

  • Website Content

  • Strategic Ad Content