We develop websites with intuitive navigation and easily accessible content, and crucial components for engaging user experiences. Our comprehensive strategies cater to the need for informative and user-friendly website designs that are easy to maintain and support customers throughout their entire journey, from initial discovery to post-sale interactions.

Our intentional approach is centered around optimizing content for search engines (SEO), ensuring that your information is easily discoverable and resonates with users. Whether you require a complex and customized web design solution or a more simple presence to meet your specific objectives, our agency is committed to delivering impactful results across all aspects of your digital presence.


Day 6 Agency - WordPress Website Development


WordPress websites provide domain owners a great solution with many optional features to give a quality user experience (UX). Our website design and development using WordPress is a great asset for our clients.

  • WordPress hosting

  • Porting of WP sites

  • Full graphic design UX

  • SEO Friendly


1.) Griffin Trailer™ has a broad use of WordPress plugins as well as a showcase of Day 6 photography.
2.) I Am Sierra White is a simple but highly colorful site used for showcasing her entertainment industry skills.
3.) The 1985 is a fun site themed around the decade of the 1980’s. Their sister site The 8090 also features colors and imagery from the same decade.

Day 6 Agency - Graphic Design


When client website requirements need underlying customization with unique coded features, we provide a robust solution through the Adobe® owned and supported Coldfusion® code platform.

  • Fully hosted on LUCEE Server

  • MySQL Database

  • Primarily for unique web applications integrated into website

  • Custom designed (not templated)


1.) Orchard Hill Farms in Kendallville, Indiana hired Day 6 to create a unique website which has a FRUIT USE engine which allows customers to learn about the varieties they grow and sell.
2.) While we have other sites developed using Cold Fusion®, they are only accessible areas for the client or their customers. These are customized order systems, report writers, sales and marketing asset access, etc.

Day 6 Agency - Web Application Development


Whether it’s a custom eCommerce solution or even a robust application for your employees or customers, we have developed several unique solutions for our clients.

  • Unique web-based software providing a log-in interface to operate

  • Heavily dependent on database tables

  • Real-time updates and data reports

  • Graphics and tables UX

  • Able to work with APIs


1.) The music industry revenue requires a way to be split among many parties. Day 6 developed a web-based application wherein all royalties coming in from multiple streaming platforms were input automatically via API and then each song’s revenues were divided among the various owners of the song. This generated reports for each owner and allowed them to easily track their income.
2.) As a professional who is paid by billable hour, Day 6 developed a web-based solution for easily projecting income per client based on the hours of work that will be performed as well as having multiple users who can provide contributing labor and notes on their portion of a project for a client. Altogether, it provided a way to bill each client accurately and with labor receipts.

Day 6 Agency - Web Hosting


We offer hosting of any websites we design and develop. This is based on our latest release of Linux based hosting software with 24/7 monitoring, daily backups, and expandable server space.

  • Linux® / WHM® and cPanel®

  • WordPress® / PHP

  • Lucee® / Cold Fusion®

  • Offsite Backups

  • Cloudflare® Protection

Day 6 Agency - Email Hosting


We provide email hosting for the websites we develop and host. It allows our clients to have a web-based login as well as email client software use.

  • POP3 / IMAP

  • 100MB Storage Per Inbox

  • Inbound Filtering

  • SPAM Protection

  • Alias Domain / Accounts

  • Auto-Forwarding