Day 6 Agency - Video Production


With the impending shift to 5G nationwide in the coming months, bandwidth for mobile users will become a non-issue. High speed bandwidth at a business or home wifi is already fast enough to help users view video content without lag, so if your digital marketing strategy is not including relevant video advertising content, you’re going to miss out on many potential customers.

“Video equipment is not always a required capital investment…”

There are varying degrees of video advertising content that can be effective in marketing. The first being pre-recorded / edited video content that can be used over time and referenced by your customers on various platforms. YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, etc. all have the ability to showcase your video content. In fact, uploading that content to multiple platforms is highly recommended to ensure you’re not missing a key demographic with your message.

The second effective way to use video advertising is through LIVE STREAMING. Again, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc. all have the feature to allow users to broadcast a live video feed. These are incredibly helpful when holding a public event, a seminar or instructional tutorial, a customer service interaction, etc. Live video allows users to comment in real time which can be very helpful if you’re trying to engage them to become loyal to your brand or company.

Video equipment is not always a required capital investment considering the quality of High Definition video that comes from a smart-phone. However, video editing and audio editing can truly affect the quality and professionalism your video content can achieve to a viewer. Sometimes a selfie-posed video with a smart-phone is perfect for the content intentions. Other times, having a preplanned and scripted video may be more appropriate. It’s not always a major expense if outsourcing video production is possible in your area. The advancement of digital editing software can make ok footage look highly professional with so many plugins and techniques to improve the overall composition qualities like color grading and white balance, etc.

Instead of simply ignoring the most effective marketing tool to come around in decades, why not experiment with posting more video content on your digital platforms.

Patrick Hess

Patrick Hess

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