The past experiences with various clients are instrumental in how we approach business with new customers. This marketing case study provides an insight into how we used various services to help them succeed.

Day 6 Agency - Marketing Consulting
Day 6 Agency - Marketing Consulting


Day 6 Agency -  Case Study

Behind the massive success of their flagship brand, Port-A-Pit®, Boss Products, Inc. is the lesser publicized manufacturer of the rotisserie roaster that has been part of serving millions of hungry consumers since the early 1970’s. An invention derived from the Port-A-Pit® is called the Gorilla Oven®. This oven is unlike any in the Food Services Industry in that it operates 100% without electricity. It is portable and very useful for outdoor events where electricity is unavailable without generators. The use of the ovens has been around since the early 2000’s but the awareness of the brand is very limited. The need for updated marketing materials and assets was first priority.

  • Fully redesigned corporate website
  • Updated and new social media channels
  • Complete product video for Gorilla Ovens brand.
  • Updated logos
  • Product photography
  • Brochure design
  • New branded business documents
  • 3D Animation assets



While the company was keenly aware of who their target demographic was, there was a lack of understanding how competition marketed their products as well as a basic lack of fully understanding digital marketing channels. We introduced several key concepts about SEO, social media, texting SMS, and paid digital promotion.


While the client had several hundred reference photos from their phone, no professional shots were available for use in collateral materials. We rented studio space to both film and still shoot the ovens.


After a comprehensive interview with the ownership and existing staff members about the products, we developed a script which covered the history and innovation of the product as well as a demonstration of the product itself. Our creativity elected to incorporate a slightly whimsical spin using the Gorilla as a feature player in the video production. Intended to make the brand easy to remember, the video has visual and audio references to a full aged gorilla and allows the viewer to become easily aware of the unique features of the oven while not quickly forgetting the name.


The website revision involved an all new design with the incorporation of a brightly themed color palette. The corporate entity, Boss Products, Inc.®, is the manufacturer of the Gorilla Ovens® brand as well as PoleCat Trailers®. While the scope of the initial marketing would center around the Gorilla Ovens® product line, the need for a fresh and up to date website would prove essential to justify the regional, national and international targeted territories for the Gorilla Oven® line.


The Gorilla Ovens® logo needed an update to reflect the marketing strategy of focusing on building that as the primary name of the brand. As such, a facelift was conducted on the logo to add the GORILLA OVENS as part of the typeface included in the logo. Several other icons and graphics were created for both the website revision and the promotional video. A full 4 page brochure was designed for use in promoting the Gorilla Ovens® line.


The promotional video included the need for a voiceover narrator in segments. The owner of the brand was the central on-camera talent used to personally showcase the product, but a contrasting voice for narrator was strategically designed to bring an additional finesse to the end product. We provided the voiceover talent used in the video as well as editing the audio of the voiceover talent to be added as part of the video edit.


Day 6 Agency - Marketing Consulting
Day 6 Agency - Marketing Consulting