The past experiences with various clients are instrumental in how we approach business with new customers. This successful marketing case study provides an insight into how we used various services to help them at the time.

Day 6 Agency - Successful Marketing Case Study
Day 6 Agency - Case Study


Day 6 Agency -  Case Study

The most successful toy brand of all time had been quietly making a comeback in the mid-1990’s for a new generation of enthusiast. Retail distribution in brick-n-mortar stores was being handled well worldwide, but a new consumer market online was still being formed through retail eCommerce. Rubik’s brand owners were not in the retail business but needed to partner with a U.S. based company to manage a retail consumer website and provide all customer service inquiries for both online and offline retail buyers needing assistance. The offline stores only carried a portion of the full Rubik’s® toy line, so the creation of a full retail eStore would introduce passionate fans of the familiar 3×3 Cube® to a whole new line of additional brain-teasing puzzles.

  • Fully functional Shopping Cart
  • Customer Service Hotline
  • eFulfillment warehouse of toys
  • Branded design website
  • Rubik’s® Club membership
  • Rubik’s Cube® Solving training video
  • International Retail Distribution Support


With our nearly 15 years of international trade experience, the importing of toys from Hong Kong was an essential aspect of setting up the fulfillment warehouse. This included placing replacement orders and handling all customs and transportation logistics. In addition, the establishing of a customer call center for retail support after the sale was essential to Day 6 operations.


Rubik’s Puzzles® on the eCommerce site exceeded 65 different products available for purchase. As such, each product required consistent and professional photography to uphold the international branding standards.


The revival of the Rubik’s Cube® in the early 2000’s introduced a worldwide surge in a term called SPEED-CUBING. This brought about the desire for novice enthusiasts to want to learn how to quickly solve the 3×3 Cube®. Working with world record holder, Dan Knights, we developed a 30 minute HOW TO video on the method he used to solve the cube in under 19 seconds. This was a full studio shoot with a custom designed stage set and a multi-camera set up. The video would be sold as part of the eStore.

RUBIKS.COM would become a TOP 50 website award winner by PC Magazine at the time due to it’s colorful layout design and strongly tied in brand image. A java scripted virtual solver as well as other clever Rubik’s® online puzzles made the site have a loyal fanbase.


In addition to the graphic design needed for the website, Rubik’s also desired to have printed cheat sheet solution booklets to ship with each toy purchase. The Solution Video also was sold as a DVD with a custom label and case requiring additional print design.


Day 6 Agency - Marketing Consulting
Day 6 Agency - Marketing Consulting