The past experiences with various clients are instrumental in how we approach business with new customers. This marketing case study provides an insight into how we used various services to help them succeed.

Day 6 Agency - Marketing Consulting
Day 6 Agency - Marketing Consulting


Day 6 Agency -  Case Study

A well established business of over 60 years, Reliable Production & Machine Welding, had established several national accounts with companies like Caterpillar® and Toro®. While the majority of their revenue came from wholesale supply of axles and wheel hub assemblies for new production, a portion of aftermarket retail sales was becoming more frequent and a possible new niche for them. With a new relationship building with Napa® Stores the need for an aftermarket brand identity was essential.

  • Branded design website
  • Market research of competition
  • Logo design
  • Corporate video
  • Photography of retail parts and assemblies
  • Retail packaging design and layout



Prior to launching a newly designed website, considerable effort went into competitor analysis. In addition, competitor retail branding and strategies was fully studied and presented to their ownership team. There was a strong desire to ensure their American Manufacturing emphasis was declared in their marketing materials since many of their competition were resulting to Chinese imported products.


Not only concerned with SEO for their own website, but a presence on social media was needed to assist in both expanding their brand, but also to recruit new employees as the company continued to grow.


Perhaps the single largest aspect of their overall marketing needs was to capture facilities, staff, equipment, and dozens of finished products for use in marketing and aftermarket support materials.


When competing for new business, a plant tour was often an essential method to reveal why they were worthy of becoming a vendor to regional and national accounts. Documenting a similar tour on video with the ability to emphasize up close operation of several of their largest industrial production machinery was the key focus. Aerial footage of their nearly 500,000 sq ft operation was also provided in the pre-drone era of the 2010’s.


The website was developed to showcase all five market segments the company served but to also provide after sales support through downloadable PDF documents and product photos. Much of the photography taken was used in the online site we deployed.


The company was involved heavily in trade shows and sales presentations requiring collateral print materials in addition to their website. We designed several show fliers, brochures, and booth display signage. The retail aftermarket division of RELIABULL® required not only a unique design logo that was a play off the corporate brand Reliable®, but also one which would stand out on retail store shelves on the packaging of various products being offered. We were also required to make certain the logo’s appearance and design was unique and of visual quality to satisfy several national retailer standards. The logo was being used in national advertising and on the brown box shipping packaging as well as each retail shrink wrapped package.


Day 6 Agency - Marketing Consulting
Day 6 Agency - Marketing Consulting